Testimonials for Hollie Overton & Dedi Felman

“Thank you, thank you so much for the workshop yesterday! It was my first time being in front of you. Not only do you know the material inside and out, you have the ability to teach it (which as you know is not too common.) Thank you again, I learned so much. .”

–Leslie A.

“Thanks for a great workshop yesterday! It was very motivating.”

–Grant S.

“This workshop unblocked a problem I’ve been having for months. Thanks for steering me toward a solution! .”

 –Geneva B.


Tess Gerritsen

New York Times Bestselling Author


“What a compulsive read! A brilliant first novel that kept me transfixed and entertained until the very last page.”


Jonny Steinbeg

author of SIZWE’S TEST

“Dedi Felman is nothing less than an extraordinary editor. Her gift is to see right into the innards of a story, and to tinker, ever so delicately, with the invisible machinery that makes a book work. Working with Dedi is an experience I cherish; she stretched my ability to its limits and got me to write the best book I could.”

Johanna Stoberock

author of PIGS


“I wish I’d found you before I started the publishing process! I feel like issues that you’ve found and solutions that you suggest will do so much to strengthen the novel, and I’m eager to get back to work.”